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Chirpy Bird is a Proud Consulting Partner of the Healthmonix MIPSPro Registry

Healthmonix The MIPSPro registry’s cloud-based dashboard tools and analytics are designed to maximize your MIPS performance score. Your data can be loaded to the dashboard, or pulled in through an integration, at regular intervals, to optimize your MIPS score throughout the reporting period.

The MIPSPro registry features include:

      • Capacity to track ALL 240+ registry-based quality measures & to submit the best performing 6
      • Potential to integrate disparate EHR systems under one TIN
      • Option to report as Individuals or as a Group, with the ability to see which scores better
      • Ability to pull in coding that some EHRs miss to drive performance improvement
      • Manual tracking for all Improvement Activities
      • Manual tracking for Promoting Interoperability
      • One-click patient gap analysis and detailed clinician performance results
      • Provide ongoing product support and upgrades
      • Submit MIPS data and attestations to CMS through the registry
      • Dashboard access for each clinician, plus administrator credentials

To get started, click “Sign Up Now” below to take you to the registry. If you’re a new user, click “Create New Account.”

30 Years of Experience

Founded in 2016, Chirpy Bird has been serving national laboratories, tech investors, and medical groups and practices of all sizes, providing strategic advice based on sophisticated, robust analytics and the latest tools. Our focus enables us to provide customized and actionable recommendations that draw on problem framing, deep policy and regulatory knowledge, extensive networks of healthcare stakeholders, and expert synthesis across government, clinical, and business disciplines.

Our consultants have professional and educational backgrounds to those at other consulting firms but with a significant advantage: 100% of our work is dedicated to maximizing the value of technology, clinical, and healthcare regulatory services and products within the industry. We serve clients who market many of the nation’s cutting edge AI products, healthcare tech vendors, and medical practices who are leveraging our expertise to optimize their delivery of care, enhance their value-proposition and deliver results.

Our Work

We are leaders in supporting established and emerging healthcare industry businesses to small independent medical practices. Our projects span across a spectrum of functional healthcare segments from EHRs, AI and big data, sales intelligence and training to, elbow-to-elbow support of regulatory programs for independent medical practices.

Our Leadership Team

Joy Rios
Health IT Consultant
Robin Roberts
Health IT Consultant

MBA, QPP & MIPS Subject Matter Expert, five-time Author of books related to the Quality Payment Program,  Trainer, “HIT Like a Girl” Podcast Co-Host
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Health Informatics and Quality Payment Program Subject Matter Expert, Product Development,“HIT Like a Girl” Podcast Co-Host
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Our Consulting Plans

Simply select a plan that fits your budget and practice size, and we’ll help you and your team work through your ongoing list of MIPS projects.
Terms & Conditions Apply. If none of these options suit your practice needs, please contact us for a custom quote.


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Hire us to perform your annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) required to submit to the Promoting Interoperability category for MIPS
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For First Clinician Per Month

Get MIPS support with Quality, Improvement Activities, Promoting Interoperability AND Attestation. *Add’l clinicians = $100/mo/clinician. For orgs with >10 clinicians, contact us for a custom quote. *Does not incude annual SRA* 

Per Hour

Special Health IT projects, including Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Management, Technology Training, Data projects, and More!


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